What Isn’t Resonating?

Now is a powerful time to let go of anything in our lives that no longer wholeheartedly aligns with our values and truth. This may be in the form of relationships, career direction, or an attitude we bring to a situation.

The challenge can be to trust the letting go despite there not yet being a clear picture of what is coming next. We are and will be supported onwards into new opportunities that nurture our deepest self, our expansion and fulfilment.

Time for Honesty
We need to be honest with ourselves. It is valuable to put some time aside for self-reflection, to sense how we really feel about situations we are in. For some this can be meditation, or exercising, breathing exercises, or putting pen to paper. What works best for you?

The following Aura-Soma solutions have been incredibly supportive for me and other people I know in connection with honoring our truth at this time.

EQUILIBRIUM BOTTLE 60 – Blue/Clear – As we become more transparent with ourselves, we experience greater peace and flow as we align with our truth >>

ROYAL BLUE POMANDER – A deeply powerful & peaceful energy to help clarify our feelings and keep the faith. Royal blue has our back! >>

CLEAR POMANDER – Cleansing on all levels as we shed what no longer resonates. The ultimate soul reset and refresher >>

KWAN YIN & LAO TSU QUINTESSENCE (PALE ORANGE) – Bring in compassion and soften any shock remnants during the letting go >>

If I can be of any other help do get in touch. For personalized 1:1 support book an Aura-Soma consultation. Or perhaps an up and coming course is for you…

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