Which Archangel is Calling to You?

We are living in a time of great opportunity; never before have we been encouraged and offered such support for hearing and responding to our soul’s calling.

The most recent 21 Equilibrium Bottles all carry Archangel energies, providing us with a powerful and beautiful energetic support for helping dissolve our fears and conditioned patterns that may be preventing us from fully expressing our soul purpose.

Have You Tried
Discover the Archangel Bottle that is calling you the most right now! Discover the gifts and talents it is helping you to become more conscious of in this moment. And help re-member yourself by replenishing these qualities within yourself.

  1. Click through to the Archangel Bottles here >>
  2. Identify the bottle that calls to you the most
  3. Click on the bottle to reveal the Archangel qualities it is helping bring to your concsiousness
  4. For powerful Archangel energetic support apply the contents of the bottle daily to the skin in relation to the chakra colours

Enhance the Experience
Did you know that four of the Archangels come as an Air-Conditioner too? Transform the energy of your therapy room, living space or work office with these scintillating Archangel energies. Not only will this help you remain positive and uplifted, but it will also have a subtle effect on all those that come into your space too. It’s a win-win!

What’s On?
Exploring the Archangels Course
Cambridge UK
Fri 1 Sept – Sun 3 Sept
Guest teacher Dominic Yeoman
This is the first time this course has been available in the UK! Discover and experience the storyline thread hidden in the Equilibrium Archangel Sequence, which brings their roles and gifts to life. Dominic’s creative teaching styles supports each participant’s process in a gentle and often miraculous way.
To find out more click here >>

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